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Taking my Instrument checkride next week

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Hey all, im taking my instrument checkride next week with either Tim Tucker or Dan Benton. For all of you pilots out here in socal, i know you have had a checkride with either one of these gentlemen, so if possible, would you so kindly regurgitate some key points about your checkrides? I know Tim has the TUCKR hold for TOA... does benton have anything special?


Also, what did you do to prepare?



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I am preparing for my instrument and instrument instructor rides too. I've been going over the PTS, all the materials/lesson plans given to me by my instructor, plus going over the notes I have taken after each flight. Hoping this covers everything I will need to know. I am hoping to get scheduled with Tim Tucker in the next couple months, but I know he is doing quite a bit of traveling from now until June, so I'm not sure how long I'm going to have to wait.


I have practiced and practiced all the local approaches including Tucker's TOA hold. I have been told if you are proficient with these then you will be all set for Tucker, not sure where Benton conducts the instrument rides.


I did my commercial with Tucker and my CFI with Benton. Both were very fair compared to the DPE (who I won't name) who did my private exam. Do you not have an appointment yet? I would think a week before you would know who was going to do the exam for you, so you could polish up for who/where your ride is going to be.


Would love to hear anyone else's input as well since I am also getting close to the checkride. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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