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Attn: So Cal Pilots


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Below is an excerpt of an email from LACOFD Chief Pilot Tom Short to the PHPA. This was a very serious incident which involved a friend of mine. If you are in So Cal, I encourage you to fly up to VNY for this meeting. If you need a ride around the airport or a place to land, please contact me.



To All:


I was contacted today by one of the VNY FAA FSDO Ops Inspectors in regards to an upcoming pilot/controller seminar being sponsored by the BUR/WHP and VNY towers. The impetus for this sudden event was an incident at BUR involving a helicopter conducting training on RWY 8 and an air carrier being cleared for takeoff on RWY 26. The location and date are:


Tuesday, May 17th

1900 – 2100

94th Aero Squadron, VNY

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This has happened to me twice. Once at Napa, after the tower had closed. I reported over the CTAF that I'm flying a pattern to 24 (due to the prevailing headwind), and two seconds later, some jackass in an jet, says he's going to land on 6!


Then once at Byron, again reporting which direction I'm flying, some jackass in an airplane takes off using the opposite end (and there were two other planes in the pattern with me, one about to turn Base!).


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