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Bootcamp Helicopters Experience

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Hey Guys,


Just finished writing a review on boatpix, but can't forget about my man Rob at Bootcamp Helicopters (www.BootcampHelicopters.com) in Columbia, MD. I found Rob here on VR, while looking for some inexpensive ways to build cross country time towards my instrument/commercial ratings. After a few emails, we had some flights set up where he needed to be somewhere, didn't feel like driving if he could fly there/back same day, so I got a sweet deal on some 22 time with free instruction :) The cheap 22 time was what I was after, but I am learning a lot from him the entire time. He has almost 2000 hours total time, almost all if in helicopters but also working on his fixed wing ratings. Last weekend, I was able to get some 44 time with him, log some simulated instrument hours, logging cross country almost the entire time, and a lot of night time as well, all at a sweet sweet rate. With his location being inside the DC SFRA, I am getting a lot of experience with that, talking to towers, getting time in Class Bravo airspace (with clearance of course), and learning about other great opportunities that I should be taking advantage of as well.


I would highly recommend Robert to those looking to start training towards your private rotorcraft rating, but also to those of you in the area that need hours/cross country hours like I did/still do. But you will have to wait until I am done milking him! haha. but seriously. I'll post when I am done, and someone should quickly slip into my spot. I met him at 75 hours, have 110, and hunting for that 200... but I will be there soon between him, boatpix, skyriver and advanced helicopters... so you're wait wont be too long ;)


His Beta II is in great shape, the Sierra Hotel series, well maintained and even set up to fly a sky sign at night! (www.bootcamplights.com)


Give Rob a call!


Thanks for reading!



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Flew again with Rob this weekend. One of his students was up for her Private check ride, so we flew up so that he could fly with her to the examiner, for moral support. She passed, they flew back... and even though I was paying a heavily discounted rate... we spent thirty minutes flying around NYC in the SFRA over the East River, to Harlem River and back down the Hudson River. Then he asked me if I felt like flying down the coast instead of over the same terrain we have flown the last few times. It only took us 2 hours to get to Linden, NJ and 3.7 hours to get back including the NYC loop. I thought it was really awesome of Rob to do that with me while charging me near half his full rate. I've linked to a video below! While Rob is a great instructor / pilot... you will see that his video recording skills are shaky at best.... hahaha. and it gets amplified by me fast forwarding some sections.... but still fun to watch. Oh and he even let me fly over my Uncle's beach house to take a picture, after calling my Uncle for me with his bluetooth headset to tell him to come out on the deck. Good times!




Thanks again Rob!



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