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Advanced Helicopter Concepts - Frederick, MD

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Hey Everyone,


Just finished writing a review for Boatpix and Bootcamp Helicopters, but I cant forget where it all started! I took my first intro ride in a helicopter with Advanced back on June 26th, 2010 with Chris Pabody at Advanced (www.advancedhelicopter.com) Chris is a young guy, which was very motivating being a few years older than him, and he already has 1200 hours at 21 y/o. Wish I had started sooner, now 28 myself.


What I liked most about Advanced besides their location, was their schedule. With so many ships and instructors, I was able to fly often at a time that fit my work schedule. I was also very pleased with the flying/instruction. I remember all I wanted during my training was to get to the point where I'd have my private and be able to take friends/family up and share such a great experience. But now that I am at that point, I miss all the training/instruction. Especially the learning in the beginning, so many things that you need to do at once. It was very challenging and rewarding.


I got to know Chris the best, but was also very impressed with Neal the owner, and Bart the mechanic, as well as Freddy the few times I got to fly with him. I had my private stage check with Mike Z. cancelled due to weather, but got to do the ground with him, and from what I have heard from multiple instructors, even from different schools, I need to reschedule with him!


I managed to take my checkride at about 70 hours, but that was because I didn't take Chris' advice and get the medical out of the way ASAP. I ended up having to wait to solo til about 35 hours when the medical came in (although that was plenty early enough for my nerves, haha, even though I could have done so sooner). Ive been told by several instructors at other schools that my flying is within commercial standards (back at 85 hours), so I must attribute that to my training at Advanced. Now at 110 hours, I am looking forward to finishing my commercial soon and have my instrument started by then. Unfortunately, I have moved back to PA full time and won't be doing most of it at Advanced... I'll only see them every other weekend! They are great just to rent from as well!


Thanks for reading!



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