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Student Financing for Helicopter Student Pilots

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Finding financing, loans, grants, or scholarships for flight school is very difficult, even in the best economic times. Right now, Peninsula Helicopters Northwest is one of the only schools in the nation that has stepped up by developing an in-house financing program. While other lenders are cutting back on pilot training loans, we think the coming shortage of helicopter pilots will present many opportunities in the coming years. We will train you and work to move you into an instructing position so you can build time and get your career as a helicopter pilot moving along.


If you have been considering learning to fly helicopters or starting a career as a helicopter pilot, Peninsula Helicopters Northwest can get you started now. Stop waiting and start flying by filling out an application now.


In-house Student Loans. Peninsula Helicopters Northwest and our parent school, Helicopters Northwest, is offering loans for students who are ready to begin training with us. Since our in-house financing staff will review your application, your qualifications are considered individually. The terms of our training loans are also negotiable and can be tailored to your individual circumstances. Yes, learning to fly helicopters is expensive, but it is a rewarding career if you are committed to it! Our goal is to fully fund the right students so they complete their certificates and ratings without interruption. If you are approved, we want you to be able to fly as often as possible so you can quickly and efficiently complete your helicopter pilot training. We would not be making these loans if we didn't believe that there is a growing need for helicopter pilots, and that you can make a career in flying helicopters. Repayment terms for your Private Pilot certificate start as low as $200/month. You can use our contact form to fill out an application or to have one of our instructors contact you.

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