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Currently serving, thinking about a WOFT packet

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Hey everyone! I've been reading a lot of useful posts here, and this is my first post to the forums. Just recently, I realized that I'm not very fond of my current position; I talked to my wife, and think I said something like "why can't I do something awesome, like fly helicopters?" When she responded with "I don't know... why don't you?” the gears really started turning.


Background info:

27 year old male

Currently serving in the Indiana Army National Guard on AGR orders as a BN Career Counselor

8 years in service (6 years total active duty time)

E-6 (completed ALC (formerly known as BNCOC) Common Core and Phase 1; Phase 2 is scheduled for March

GT Score is 126 (AFQT is 80)

I have a permanent profile for running; authorized all three alternative events. I can run at my own pace/distance (can march, ruck, etc.)

My last APFT score was a 176 (no points are given for alternative aerobic events)

I'm graduating college in October with a B.S. in Nutrition Science and I currently have a 3.89 GPA.


A buddy of mine was a storefront NCOIC for an Active Duty recruiting station, and is now moving to MEPS as the senior guidance counselor. He tells me I should put in a WOFT packet, and I'm wondering what might disqualify me. I know I still need to take the AFAST and get a flight physical, and I assume that if I do well on those, I won't have anything to worry about...


I know I need to study for the test, get letters of recommendation, and go in front of a board; all things that aren’t too difficult, and I have plenty of time to accomplish them (my wife doesn't graduate nursing school until May, 2012, so I would like to wait to leave until she's finished, or close to it).


Is there anything else I'm not thinking of that might come back to bite me in the ass?


What kind of medical disqualifiers are the big ones? I have 20/20 vision and had LASIK surgery back in 2005, being treated for hypothyroidism, so I have to take daily medication. My blood pressure is a little on the high side too, but a few deep breaths usually gets me around 135/78


Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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