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Civil Air Patrol

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So I have decided to go for Coast Guard OCS after I finish my bachelors, and I was looking into the CAP. The issue is that it's an Air Force program so I am unsure if it will look good on my resume once I apply for CG OCS.


If anyone knows of other programs I could look into or just other volunteer programs that stand out to the military (any branch), I would appreciate some insight! I know this is a different route than most people here, but any help is appreciated.



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When I looked into CAP I couldn't find anything there for Helicopter Pilots. As for volunteer programs, I haven't found anyone interested in a volunteer pilot, unless he comes with his own aircraft.


So, I guess I would be interested too.


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Although the CAP is an Air Force auxiliary, it is a volunteer organization with military ties that looks good to all branches of service. If you have the opportunity, go for it.


Other programs that the military has historically been quite positive about are the Boy Scouts / Sea Scouts / Explorer Scouts, Children's charities, Wounded Warrior foundations, and ROTC.


Although there are no helicopter specific charities, anything is better than nothing!



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You have a good point Vaelor. I know it looks good overall, I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't come off more rewarding to someone more interested in the Air Force.


And I have looked into the Coast Guard Air Auxiliary, which I would LOVE to do for obvious reasons. The problem is I'm not sure if I would have to live near an Air Station or not. The closest one to where I am going to college is 4-6 hours away in Savannah. I will definitely look into it more, though. If anyone here has any advice for it let me know, I would appreciate it.


Thanks for the replies!

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