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Wanted: Airborne LE pins

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Attention airborne law enforcement units.

I would like to get one of your unit pins and wings if possible to add to my collection. Any help would be greatly appreceated.

Feel free to view my collection Here.



Thanks in adavance



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Sorry, I'm not a pin collector so I can't help you there. :(


I will say that maybe if you participate in some discussions, tell people a little about yourself, and make some friends here, then maybe you'll get better results.


It's a pretty nice community, I'm sure you'll be warmly welcomed.

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180+ views and not one reply? No PM? No email? Really?!

Wow! : /



Wow, that is quite a collection. Sorry, I am not in law enforcement. I am one of the many on here just trying to get going in the helicopter industry. If I run into something like that I will try to score one for you. Good luck and welcome to VR.

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Hey Guys,


Thanks for the kind wrods and the reply.

This is actually one way I did get into collecting pins. A lot of folks I knew in HEMS have moved on. Lost a lot of contacts. I've also got into doing helicopter display models. It's my hobby. aka my drug. LOL!

Here's my hobby web page.





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Most LE departments do not have pins, most have patches or coins. The reason is that pins, wings and the like are not officer friendly in any type of scuffle or arrest setting. The last thing a cop wants is to be hurt there self or injure civilian in a scuffle.


Most wings are even a cloth patch attached.


Just a little insight so you can adjust your expectations.


Fly safe,



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