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Need Response to a Question

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I'm interested in joining the WOFT program and the only thing holding me back right now is the lack of information on my eyes. I have 20/50 left eye and 20/70 right eye it hovers to 20/70 but last check up a couple months ago it was 20/70 right eye. I hear different things from different people. Does anyone know about a waiver for my vision? If not I have another question about LASIK or PRK. I read in the army regulations that if you have prior eye surgery you will be automatically disqualified from aviation programs. Is that true because I have also heard people say get it and then wait a couple months and apply. That route would only be if I couldn't get my waiver, but I could get surgery pre army if need be. I was just wondering if someone could please help me out and answer some of my questions.



I READ your response to my question and I posted a reply but it's not showing. Before I posted this topic I used the search function and type vision and vision waiver. Nothing pertained specifically to me. I read about PRK and LASIK what I am asking is what is above. If you have info I would greatly appreciate it

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Hint: Use the search option. I have typed up an enormous amount of information that has all current regs, including links. Search PRK or check out the last few pages of this forum.


I actually did use the search function specifically in this forum. With the words vision waiver didn't find any information that pertained specifically to me. I also did vision too. If you have an answer or could help me I would appreciate I searched before I asked.

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If I remember correctly, technically, the PRK/LASIK is disqualifying, and that's what the waiver is for. But where you're at, your vision is outside of acceptable limits (20/40 I think), so you're disqualified for that reason, and looking for a waiver... Anything referring to someone getting refractive surgery for vision outside the acceptable limits applies to you. Just because you're CLOSE doesn't mean it doesn't apply.

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I didnt need a waiver for PRK, just an exemption to policy letter. Quick and painless.


Exception to policy > waiver


When I went through the process back in 05/06, PRK was a waiver, LASIK (which was at the time, pretty much a no-no) required an exception to policy. Both being basically the same thing, but the ETP being a higher level of such. (as far as has been explained to me by flight surgeon/USAARL personnel)


That said, the waiver wasn't that difficult, but at the time, it did require a lot more paperwork than it does now. I actually was applying during the transition period. When I started, corneal maps and paperwork from the dr performing the procedure had to be sent to Rucker. By the time all was said and done for me re: waiver, that stuff was only sent forward if the local flight surgeon saw issues. It has become much more streamlined in the past few years.

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