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Ipod/Ipad Apps

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I know this was done a long while back but the forum never got to many hits. So I will try and restart it again. What apps do you use for your Ipod/Ipad/Iphone. If you could list them and what they are used for. Thanks in advance.

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Actually on my Ipad/Iphone,


I have this few:


1.ForeFlight (best apps for US, WX, Notams, app charts, contact, etc...)

2.FlightRadar24 (for fun, you will have all the A/C flying in your area)

3.JeppTC (did I need to present?)

4.Airports (gives you some info on Airport (IATA, OACI, etc..)

5.Snwotam (Snowtam decoder very useful in Europe)

6.EU-Ops (to calculate you duty time, and have all duty regulation within y pocket!)

7.ATA-Chaps (self explain!)

8.IVAC (for France only, instrument's charts! free)

9.HELIVAC (France heliport charts, free)

10.Air Nav Pro (to prepare nav, very useful

11.AeroWeather (worlwide aviation weather (must have!))

12.Notams (worldwide notams)


13.Log Ten Pro (personal logbook)


14.AIM (to be up to date with US regs)

15.FAR (to be up to date with...)

16.AF Hndbk (well to prepare license ^^)

17.Pilot Hndbk (idem)

18.IF Hndbk (idem)

19.ISafety (to train yourself with Eurocopter emergency)

20.Bell206B3 (to refresh a little bit your knowledge on jetties)

21.ATP (in order to get my FAA ATP ;o) )

22.Pilots Guide (I just upload it, so I will test it during my next rotation)


On daily duty I use mainly 5, 6, 11, 12, 13...


If more questions......=> PM?



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