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Interesting, although I'd be interested to see how all the costs of the AD's added on to operating costs compared to a comparable aircraft.


They have been talking about this now for 15 months. It's a great article though, explains things really well. I wouldnt be buying an Astro anytime soon unless it has the factory hydraulics and all the upgrades. Cool part of it is your Raven 1 gets a nice increase when you upgrade to the Raven II blades. Makes autos even easier!

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Blade tape on the tips makes a huge difference and helps to eliminate a lot of the issues in an abrasive environment!

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Robinson's published operating costs are indeed way low if present SB's are complied with, even worse if MRB replacement is mandated.


What makes the new alumiminum -7 R44 blades any safer than the previous design? R22's have already gone from aluminum to stainless and back to aluminum again! Maybe they should try carbon fiber next.


I sold my Raven II last month as a result of this mess. After two R44's, I don't plan on owning another Robinson product. It would be nice to see them stop testing unproven MRB designs on customers.

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