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Helicopter question S100 vs S101

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Hi Jonathan,


Not sure if this is the best place for that question. For the most part the people here are into flying real helicopters. Who knows, you might have someone be able to give you a good answer here, but I bet you would get a better response and broader audience specific toRC helicopters on an RC helicopter message board.


Thanks for visiting!

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I'm not sure about the S100 vs S101, but I have an S107 that I really enjoy flying. It doesn't have as much control as the small Blade helicopters, but it is indestructible. If you can swing it I would go for the 107 which is a great RC helicopter for people who aren't good on the sticks yet. You might have better luck with your answer over at RCuniverse.

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What buzzkill said. The gyro equipped syma s107 is the way to go. The micro coaxials are easily mastered and don't leave much room to grow, but they are the best thing for flying indoors and getting used to controlling something via remote without getting a sim. The s107 is less than $20 on amazon.

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