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My Introduction & Student pilot progress

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I am new to this forum and there is a awesome amount of information and experience on here! Now to introduce myself. I am 19 years old, began going to Flight school in September of last year, I'm training in the usual R22, and have been doing around 1 lesson per week, it is going great! I soloed at about 21 hours around A week ago and now have 2 hours of solo time and around 24 hours of total flight time. My first solo was exhilarating my instructor and I did 3 traffic patterns 1 of them being a auto then he got out and I got to do 3 circuits then hover taxi from the runway to the ramp. Best experience of my life so far, hopefully one of many achievements to come. I am now doing 2 to 3 lessons per week to hopefully get my PPL by the end of this year. I have plans of going into the army as A 153A Rotary wing Warrant officer. I graduated early from high-school to go down to Fort benning Georgia with my brother, And then to Fort Rucker to meet with a CW5 (That my Brother got me a Interview with) about a LOR. After talking to him I decided to get my PPL and when I'm almost finished with my my PPL start back up on my packet. I have passed both the AFAST and ASVAB before I began my Flight training. I do have plans to start talking with another recruiter within the preceding month. and have talked with the CW5 via email about 2 Months ago. Any Advice would be Awesome!



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Welcome Josh! You are about half way thru your flight training. Start studying for your written and go take it, get it out of the way. Do NOT stop training until you get your private. That is where many before you have gone wrong....not actually getting that private cert.


Good luck,

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Thank you I will be making sure my recruiters don't try to give me the run around. I Got to fly about 15 Miles off airport to another airport today first with my instructor, then I flew back dropped him off and did it solo it was awesome! thanks for the advice.



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