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How A.E.R. TOWING Saved Paris Hilton

Guest Itefsromtem

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Guest Itefsromtem

If you are looking for a towing company in Miami, Fl that provides excellent services and competitive prices, A. E. R Towing is the best choice for you. A. E. R. Towing has years of outstanding experience in motorcycle towing, export car towing, flat bed towing, lock out services and tire changes.


Just recently, the mechanics of A. E. R. Towing had a funny encounter with socialite heiress Paris Hilton. Apparently, Paris and her cute little dog were in town for an event. In one of her day trips, Paris grabbed lunch in one of the restaurants along Sunset Blvd. and left her pet inside the car. Upon returning to the car, Paris realized that she left her car keys inside. The heiress panicked and phoned A. E. R. Towing to avail of their lock out services.


The mechanics came quickly and were starstruck upon seeing the distressed socialite. Paris was reportedly frightened because her pet kept on barking from inside of the car and seemingly weeping. The towing company's excellent lock out service freed the canine in no time and Paris was able to retrieve her keys which she left on the car's dashboard.


Hilton relentlessly thanked the staff of A. E. R Towing for quickly coming to her rescue and help her with her ordeal. So for anyone who needs towing and other services, A. E. R. Towing can surely do it for you, they specialize in motorcycle towing, lock out services, export car towing and services, flat bed towing and tire changes.


For more information, log on to http://www.aertowing.com/.

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