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Wings Program

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I was looking at one of the recent job posts, and noticed that it mentioned the FAA Wings Program (under prefered qualifications, I think).


I used to think it would look good on my resume (which is why I did it for four years).



However, this is the first time I've ever seen it referenced in a job post (plus most pilots I've tried to talk with about it, usually respond, "what program?").



Are any of you involved in it?


Do any of you employers look for pilots who are involved with it,...or any other similar type of program (if any others exist)?


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I'd say anything you can put on your resume to land that first real job is worth it.


Wings program, gold seal, ground instructor, FCC radio telephone operators permit (Never know when you'll need to go international)


In the end it can't hurt, right?


(Fyi, I'm not involved in it)

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what program?


61.56(e). I remember my instructor going over flight reviews, getting to that section, and saying something to the effect of "...whatever that is." AOPA has a lot of decent online courses to accomplish the ground portion; all are FW-specific, and the questions at the end are all about rote memorization, but what can you do. To meet the flight portion, whenever you do a recurrent flight just ask the instructor beforehand to fit it into one of the required WINGS flight credits. You will probably have to explain to them what you're talking about. Whether it's worth anything job-wise, can't say. But it's good for keeping your head in the game.

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Aviation Safety and Education courses, whether initial or recurrent are always important to pilots and CFIs. As an FAASTeam Representative, I volunteer to bring this info forward to caring pilots. The attendance/caring improves a pilot's perspective and is recognized by some employers.


Last year in Las Vegas, 3 of us Reps put on 3 presentations prior to Heli-Success. IIMC (Jason Dykstra), ADM(Mike Franz) & Autorotations in the training environment (Randy Rowles) were the subjects and well received by those coming early to Heli-Success.


There was a Safety Seminar during Heli Expo that was approved for "Wings" credits. Hundreds of Industry professionals attended


Those CFIs that are searching for work can show possible employers that they are current with their efforts and up to date.


Next month, in the Denver area, I will be putting on a "Wings" program. It will be two programs run consecutively and should be good for 6 credits. One will be the ADM presentation from LV and the other will be "An Introduction to FITS SBT Methodology" that I presented during the Heli Expo FIRC in Orlando.


While in the Denver area, I also hope to run a full day FITS SBT Facilitator Course for CFIs that want to have the understanding of how to teach within the FITS SBT Curriculums. Local FAA Inspectors and DPEs will probably be attending.


Hopefully you and others can attend some of these and be safer, more knowledgable and up to date on the subject areas presented.


More info about up coming events will be available on VR soon or on www.faasafety.gov





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We did that years ago, and for some time got Wings Program credit for recurrent training. I got up to about level XII, and then they stopped giving it for some reason. I probably have a small pile of those wings lying around somewhere, but I never gave it much thought. Mostly, we thought of it as another FAA effort at self-promotion.

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I've been keeping up the master wings level for a few years. Not sure that I've gotten much out of the online classes but you never know what will give you the edge over a nearly identical resume. The seminars are a different story, they are educational and a good place to network.

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