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Anybody out there flying the 300C and ever had to do a hovering auto that was not simulated? Well I did one today. My training has paid off. I had only done three hovering autos in the 300C, when today I had the engine cough on me as I started to move the helicopter into forward flight from a hover. I have over 138 hours but mostly in the R22. I did not even get out of transient parking. I did all of the preflight stuff and the helicopter checked out ok, I pulled up into a 3ft hover and moved maybe 6" when the engine coughed. I lost all power and my training kicked in and before I even had time to think I had done the maneuver and was on the ground. I sat there for a few seconds trying to figure out what had just happened and if I had done the maneuver correctly. My chief CFI was with me and he said I did an awesome job. " It's nice to know we have taught you well and that your training has become instinct, nice job" he said.  He took the controls and we flew at a hover in the parking area trying to get the helicopter to do it again but it never did. Had the mechanic come out check over the aircraft while it was still running and he found nothing visibly wrong so we flew the helicopter 5 patterns and stayed in tight as if we were going to do 180's. All went well. Did 3 more hovering autos (simulated, were not as good as the real thing) and 2 straight in autos before we landed. The helicopter felt a little rough (liked fouled plugs maybe) so the helicopter was done for a couple of hours. It was 4hrs from a 50hr inspection. Got the inspection done found nothing wrong during the 50hr and the helicopter returned to service 2.5hrs later and flew fine the rest of the day. The assumption was made that a fuel injector may have gotten clogged, so the heli coughed. Anyway just thought I would share this and ask if anyone else has had anything simular happen to them.  


 Steve  rotorheadsmiley

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Good job!  :thumb:

I have had a similar experience with my instructor rolling off the throttle without a previous word! (normally he says if there are going to be failures during the flight) Just arriving to the hover after the approach , but of course the yaw wasn't so intense like the one you may have experienced.

Anyway it feels good to know that the training it's efficient.




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