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Precision Flight Training Oregon

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Hi guys,


someone know this school? Is a good school?


Thank you!!!


I did my Commercial and CFI there 2005 - 2006. I was fairly happy with the school. It is a smaller school, so you're a name not a number and everyone was friendly. The owner Dennis was an examiner, however he passed away earlier this year. What effect Dennis's passing has had on the school and the quality of the student training I do not know. However, the company is still being run by the family, so I suspect that there has been very little if any change. The airport is a small private airport open to the public but close enough to Portland and the Class D, but also close to real world confined areas and off airport landings.


Good luck.

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Don't bother. The school is going downhill. They really only have a couple instructors sucking up the flight time right now with hardly any students. As Rick mentioned, Dennis (who was the owner of Precision) passed away earlier this year from cancer I believe. Dennis's son, Tyler, took over in his place. I heard that they sold off their commercial side of the house (turbine aircraft, trucks, Part 135 stuff, etc) and it appears the website agrees with that information (look under aircraft sales).


From what I've heard in the past from several pilots who trained through there, Precision was a great flight school. Unfortunately things have gone downhill since that time, and the school just isn't the same. One of the flight instructors who use to work their is now a good friend of mine over here in Bend, Oregon. He shares information from time to time on how Precision is doing (which isn't very good).


You can try your luck with the school, but I would recommend looking into other places as the opportunities at Precision just aren't what they use to be.

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