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My helicom Commuter H-1B on E-bay

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Well as ya'll can tell my drean helicopter is a Helicom Commuter 2B, it is the 2 seat version of the H-1B I have now. I bought the H-1B when I thought I had a guy lined up to buy it. but mid way thru the restore the guy backed out, leaving me stuck with a Nice helicopter,that sadly I am not legal to fly.


I now have the helicopter done and for sale and listed on E-bay reserve price of $25,950 buy it now at $30,000


check out the listing as it is very educational to the history of these helicopters, mine was even flown by the Designer and owned by the Company at one time.


if i get is sold I have located a Commuter 2B project I am going to try and get.


help me reach my goal and make my dream of owning a commuter 2B real, tell anyone ya know looking for a light weight time builder about my bird.


it is basicly a single seat version of the baby Belle/Safari helicopters and the grandaddy of the design. power is a Continetal C-90-12F 4 cylinder aircraft engine mounted vertically like in a bell -47


here is the link. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280714791499&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT


Thank Tim.

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