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Hi All,


Last year I introduced a new topic which was "Introduction to the world of Corporate Flying". It was a broad overview of types of operations, working conditions, skills employers value and pay in that sector. I was the presenter and it did not rank high on the "super valuable information list" from the attendees. It got no negative comments, but it go no positive comments either. Nearly every other topic got between 1 - 22 specific positive comments.


Anyway, in our post event critique, one of the most requested additions (17 requests) was to add a topic/speaker that covered overseas opportunities. I am considering dumping the Corporate Flying topic for something like this.


I was thinking something a smidge more broad that was titled "Oddball or Out of the Box Opportunities" that covered domestic opportunities for low timers like photos, patrol, ag as well as overseas opportunities.....with a sprinkling of discussion on international certifications and some resources that cover that area.


If you or anyone you know is a good presenter, not afraid to do some research, and has some knowledge of international flying and interested in helping educate folks in our industry......please have them contact me at info@verticalreference.com.

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Maybe as a wrap up you could overview corporate and international/OUS opportunities, but:


I definitely like the low-time opportunities idea, but not as an "Oddballs" session. There's lots of info in the program for the >1000-hr pilot, but not so much for the 6 months since you finished your CFII and you still don't have a job....

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