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Tips for CFII check rides

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Hello everyone, I know I am new to the site, but I really need some help from all you salty pilots out there. I am going up for my CFII at the end of september, and I have been studying my anti-torque rotor off! :lol: (get it, instead of tail anti-torque....never mind)!!!


I was courious if anyone had some tips that you won't find in a book, or the PTS? you know the kind of things the examiners throw at you just to test you, but they have a reason behind it.


I'm like a sponge right now so all tips are appreciated.

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Every examiner or inspector is different. You are on the right track in my humble opinion with knowing the PTS, as that should guide you through it. As far as any curve balls that you might get in the checkride, the best person to guide you through those would be your CFII because that person should know your local examiner or inspector best.


The general tips should be the same as for your CFI checkride.


Know the PTS, know your lesson plans, and have a smooth and logical flow to your lessons that covers all of the points in the particular task asked. In theory, the CFII checkride should be easier and less stressful than your CFI checkride.

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I appreciate the feedback Pohi. Maybe I should've written the question like this:


Lets here some curve balls that FAA examiners have thrown your way during a CFII check ride!


The reason why I'm asking is our local examiner just recently changed and I am going to be the 1st (I think) to do a CFII check ride with him. All stories are needed, wanted as long as we don't get those guys who beef up their stories like all of us Vets do about our combat days!! :D Since I can't sit down, buy everyone a cup of coffee and talk to all of you I figured this would be the next best way to pass knowledge on to the future generations of the helicopter Industry.

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You're on a great start with studying. I just took mine yesterday and it seemed to be just an abreviated instrument checkride. Only difference is I had to teach a few things. As long as you did your studying, you should be just fine.

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An examiner who did the CFII rides at a school I used to attend loved to break out a Boston VFR sectional and ask about offshore beacons and the colors indicated. This guy pretty much probed to the point of failure, mostly to see how you reacted. Thankfully, he retired.

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