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Very interesting read. I wonder though about whether the military would transition to an Osprey for troop transport based on cost alone. My first thought was 16 UH60's vs. One V-22 for transporting a full company is impressive but what about when something catastrophic happens? Will you accept the possibility of losing an entire company? I think the prototype helicopters that go 230+ knots have more promise. Just my two cents.

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A V22 can not carry an entire company; A couple squads at best, but not an entire company. You think that by looking at the outside of them they would be able to carry a whole heap load of soldiers, but they just can't. Those things have about half the troop carrying capacity of a Ch-47 (so we're talking around 20 equipped soldiers inside a V22, if that). About all they are good for is getting guys to and from the field over long distances, that's it.

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A flight of 3 Osprey(s) have been doing some training at my airport this past weekend.


Let me tell you they DO leave a "footprint" from the landing. We now have 2 burn circles on the grass for each landing. The circles are about 12-15 feet in diameter.


I'll take a few pictures as soon as the weather clears so you can see.


I can see a real problem if they land in a field with tall grass and start a fire. Could be a problem when loading and unloading troops.


Just an observation.




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I have to admit that the V22 is apparently doing a better job than I thought it would, lots of satisfied users...


Don't go all McNamara on this- The Osprey isn't a drop-in replacement for all military helicopters, especially the Blackhawk. The disadvantage of trying to replace a lot of smaller assets with fewer, more expensive ones, even if they do as much? One big one drawback comes to mind: a single "golden BB-type" RPG shot can knock a Blackhawk down, or a Chinook, or an Osprey... They all have their places.

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