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Clarification and Enhancement Seminar 8/13/11


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Just wanted to post my experience after having gone to the Clarification and Enhancement of Aeronautical Knowledge seminar by Mike Franz that I went to yesterday.


First off, this was absolutely full of information. From pilot attitude to performance to ADM, it covers just about everything that you need to keep in mind while flying. Mike is a fantastic teacher, and was able to keep all of us engaged and asking questions for the full 9 hours or so he was there. He also provides a list of considerations to use for long (think 2-4 days) cross country flight planning. One of the best exercises we did during class was when Mike provided us with descriptions of missions that he himself had flown, and has us analyze the risks and plan out how we would eliminate or mitigate them to an acceptable level. During this was where we practicing making good decisions both prior to and planning what decisions we would have to make during flight. This is very valuable.


If you guys don't realize, the PTS for certificates are changing, Instrument already has. There is an entire section devoted to Single pilot Resource Management, with sections devoted to Aeronautical Decision Making, Risk Management, and Situational Awareness among others. Heads up, these are coming to all the other certificates as well. The C&E seminar will get you a leg up on these elements so that you aren't scrambling the week before your checkride.


I know that was a lot, for those who just want the quick summary, it is full of great information, and if you pay attention, I think it will contribute greatly to your safety as a pilot.

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