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Instructing at Rucker while in the reserves

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does anyone know if it is possible for a pilot who is already an instructor to go through army flight school, join a reserve unit in alabama, and instruct at rucker?


A little more info would help. Are you CFI-RH now? What experience level? IERW IPs are URS employees and are civilians. You would need to apply to URS, interview, go thru the 6 week MOI course for their IPs, pass the government check ride and then start working the next week. You are required to stay in that position with URS for a minimum of one year or pay them back for the training on a pro-rated basis.


I was offered this same position with them on June 10th. This is current info. I was asked to recommend CFIs to them as I had done in the past.


I know this did not answer your questions about joining the Guard and all but that route seems complicated at best.


Everyone goes thru the MOI IP course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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sorry about the limited info, I'm a brand spankin new CFI-H, no experience. I am absolutely certain I am going to join the military, I have already started my application and have a very strong packet. I was planning on joining and hoping to be a units flight instructor when it occurred to me that I might be able to instruct at Rucker if I joined the reserves (not the guard). I could instruct full time, and then do the reserves on weekend a month thing on the side. My thought process here is that it would enable me to get more PIC time, then after a year of instructing, I could transfer to active duty, and go right into being a ship's PIC and skip the SIC time. I don't know if thats feasible or not, it just popped into my head today.


any thoughts?

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You're going to have to progress. You could have 1000 hours flying helicopters, and that gives you good judgment and experience, but you're by no means a mission pilot. Heck, we have pilots who've got thousands of hours, and are great pilots, but are not "mission" pilots. You're not going to come out of flight school and go to the IP course... You need to become a fully qualified PI, then a PC, then get recommended for the IPC. It takes time.




I'm actually awaiting orders to head down there to do exactly what you're talking about, except as national guard. http://www.army.mil/article/48350/arng-aviators-serve-limited-active-duty-tours-fort-rucker-flightline/


There's some contact info in that article if you want the real-deal information from the LTC in charge, but he's going to tell you the same thing. When I started the process last November, I wasn't a PC yet, and was told to come back when I met the minimum requirements. (250 hours in airframe, 50 hours PC, and I believe 500 total time).

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The WO1 in the article photo is a good friend of mine. :lol: He passed.



I actually got my orders last week. I'll be there beginning of October, with an IPC date a few weeks later. Not looking forward to the move, especially back to Rucker/Lower Alabama. At least I won't belong to B Co...

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