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Denver, Wings and C&E Seminar Recap

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As a recap for those that did not attend, I offer the following:


On Thursday, August 11th at the Broomfield Airport, Evans room, and an encore on Sunday, August 14th, I presented two programs. The first was an ADM program from Heli-Success last year and the second was a FIRC segment from Heli Expo this year. One leads into the other and both address Safety and Education of airplane and helicopter pilots. Thanks to CHO for sponsoring both "Wings" events. Sandwiches on Thursday were great. Sundays program was followed by a tremendous amount of Audrey's Hawaiian food.


The audience of about 60 total was a mix of students to DPEs. Some eyes were opened and questions answered both during the presentations and afterwards for about an hour or so. In both sessions those that approached the subject matter of FITS SBT with skepticism were by the end the largest proponents of the Methodology. Items like "new alphabet confusion" were shown to really not exist as most items should be known to pilots/CFIs already. Validation from the University studies were given. Airframe manufacturers that have embraced the modern system were discussed. The FITS SBT Methodology is not about "reinventing the wheel" but rather fixing some weak or broken spokes" identified by GA accident rates/causal factors!


The choice is there for all to make about modern training and ADM, SRM development or not.


On Tuesday, August 16th, I was at the Denver FSDO by request to make the "Intro to FITS SBT Methodology" FIRC presentation to 8 area DPEs and 2 FAA ASIs. One of the DPEs had a PHD in Education and asked some great questions that I was happy to address. He became a proponent of the Methodology. The one hour presentation lasted 2+ hours because of great questions.


DP got me to agree to an informal interview (phones ringing in the background) about FITS SBT and he will probably make it available thru some medium for all to listen to as it came out really well.


On Saturday, August 13th, about 13 pilots from student to ATP attended the C&E Seminar to increase their knowledge and mentality towards helicopter operations. That Seminar always goes over well and some other flight schools will be hosting it in the near future (Suncrest Aviation in Spanish Forks, Utah. Maybe held in SLC? Call Kyle Davis).


Many thanks to all who attended and participated.


Special thanks to Mark Landers, CHO Facilitator/CFI for getting me current in the S300. He was surprised how the flight went as I had not flown that airframe in 31 years.


DP is pushing me towards running a my 8 hour SBT Facilitator course for Airplane/Helo CFIs there in a few months as many "Wings" attendees asked about it.


We will keep everyone informed.


Added a link 08/23/2011 to Interview with DP about future of fight training in US.




Fly Safe,



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