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300 in Utah

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Is anyone in Utah providing instruction in the 300?


No one in Northern Utah, Only thing I have found other than Robbies is Whirly Birds with an Enstrom. (besides the few that have turbine birds they offer for a turbine transition course) It seems that unless you are limited by your body size/weight the R-22 is the best route. The reason being (my opinion) you need hours to get an endorsement for Robbinsons, they are much more prevalent in the industry, time is cheeper usually, And they seem much more dependable... Bet I explain my veiw later after the red marks and trainer wars start now, it is too late for that now though.

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No problem, keep searching though, I don't guarantee I know of every school in the state but I have looked around in the north for a year or so.


I knew I was going to get at least 1 negative for my post but I was hoping it was somebody that had enough nuts to present their experience. I would love to take a flight in a 300, and hope I get to some day. Fact is I tried and there wasn't an operational 300 for that day... I flew in a Robbie instead because that was what was ready to go. The problem with the 300 was not a huge deal, but it was a grounding condition, and a quite common one from what I have heard. That is where my dependability statement came from, and I am guessing that is what the shy little negative troll keyed in on. I will never know for sure though until he grows a pair and provides some good info to base an opinion on.


If you do find a 300 around let me know I still want to try one, I heard they are great flying trainers.


Oh yeah and the school made it up to me big time and I had the best intro flight so far.

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