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Time building request R22/R44

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Hey man,


I was traveling the country on business and stopped by Boise, Idaho to get some 44 time with Dennis of Heliquest Aviation. Best 12.5 hours I've spent in the air! An at $225/Hr flying through the moutains and canyons, an inexpensive exerience that can't be beat! Better act fast though, his ship is about 50 hours away from being down for overhaul!




Message me if you want to see some of the pics, can't post one right now from my phone. Still driving back to PA from CO!


It's well worth the round trip ticket to Boise for the money you will save on the 30 hours!!!



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Where are you located?


Exactly! If you want to fly in So Cal I can give you some ideas...what rating(s)do you hold?

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I live in Europe, so it doesn't really matter where I go. I have an FAA-CPL.


So are you saying you are going to travel to the US to do this flying? Or, are you asking if anyone has anything in Europe? There is a posting for flight time in Virginia on here..so thats a good one if you are in Va.

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Kissimmee, FL has R44 for $300/hr solo with a 25 hour block. Great guys, great weather. Full down auto training. Couldn't ask for anything more. Let me know if you want any more info.

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