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R44 Timebuilding w/CFII in Virginia (Great Price)

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I have an R44 available in Virginia for time-building. You

will be flying with a high-time R44 CFII as your safety pilot

and you can fly anywhere with a 500 radius of Virginia.

Cost is only $175 per hour! This price includes the CFII. You pay for

fuel. To my knowledge, this is the best price in the USA for

R44 flying with a CFII.

Please call (434) 841-8405. Thank you.


Thank you to mods for allowing this to run.

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We are taking a few slots this spring and summer. The rate is $185 per hour dry. You pay fuel.

This price INCLUDES a very experienced CFI. I have not found a better price in the US.

Please call 434-841-8405. Please do not try to send me an IM or email. I'm rarely online.

Just call, please. Thank you.

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We are booking spots during spring and summer. Rate is now $185 dry. I think this is the best rate in the US since it includes a CFI.

Please call me at 434-841-8405. Please do not try to send an IM or email to me as I am rarely online.

Thank you and thanks to the pilots who've used us so far. They've been great.

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