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WOFT application

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Hello everyone,


I have been reading all of these post for the past couple of months and have got a lot of very good information on here, I thank everyone who puts time in to help the newbies like myself get information.


I am in the process of getting my WOFT packet together and would like to let everyone know where I stand. I graduated early from high school in February 2010 to make a trip down to fort Benning Georgia (where my brother is stationed), then to fort Rucker Alabama to have a interview with a CW5 I was in contact with via the phone ( thanks to my brother). He agreed to write me a LOR of which I am very grateful of. after talking with him I decided to stop the packet for awhile and get my PPL before I applied to become more competitive, i keep him updated on how things are going. So here I am coming up to the 40 hour mark of flight training and plan to have my PPL in RW by December. Man is flight school awesome! I must say for the short time I was down at fort Rucker it was a awesome!


This is where I stand.


.Have taken and passed the meaps physical

.112 GT

.100 AFAST ( Very disappointed, rushed into taking it after

I graduated, should of taken more time to study. I Take full

responsibility for that mistake)

.Put in for my security clearance

.Have the APFT scheduled for Friday

.In the process of writing "Why I want to be a Army Aviator" paper

.Will have LOR so far from CW5, Manager at work, flight instructor.

Will also be asking my other instructor for one.

also will be asking youth pastor for one, up in the air on the last one.


One question, I know you have to have a hand written and typed copy of " Why I want to be a Army Aviator" but are they suppose to be two different variations or is the handwritten suppose to be your rough draft etc? I am very confused on this.


Thanks for your time


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The handwritten and typed copies are the same. Just keep the written copy neat, legible, and one page long.


You'll want to get a high, competitive score on your APFT too.

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When the time comes when I go in front of the board what are the best ways to prepare for this? Are there generic questions they usually will ask everyone or does it change from person to person depending on your application. I have read that they may ask you to "tell them about yourself", if so what information are they looking for? what sports you were involved in, school, flying time etc? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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