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The chances of being accepted into the Army WOFT program as a civilian?

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Hi, I'm a college student who's in interested in joining the military and especially flying! I'm thinking about applying to the Army's WOFT Program. I know all the things I have to do and how long it can take. And on Monday I'm going to go talk to a Army recruiter. Hopefully they are going to be helpful. But I'm wondering what are my actually chances of selected to be a warrant officer and a pilot? Here are my credentials:


Im a 19 year old male

High School diploma

17 college credits

Scored a 71 on ASVAB with 178 on the GT section (planning on retaking to get in the 90 percentile)

Medically and physically qualified, great eye sight

Eagle Scout

4 years of JROTC

5 hours of flight time

1 semester of AFROTC

Only 1 restaurant type job

Very Clean Background


Thanks in Advance for any information or advice!

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See if you can retake the ASVAB. Study for the AFAST and destroy it. Most of the street to seat guys I know got at least a 130. I scored a 150. Eagle scout is good.


The recruiter will probably not be helpful. Do not let them talk you into enlisting first unless that is what you want to do. You want the WOFT program. As for chances.....


About 10 to 12 of us civilians get selected a board. About 1300 flight school students go through rucker a year.

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