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High DA Confined


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Minimally that is 5,600 to 8,300' DA right at 90F.


DS, can you tell everyone what performance planning you did prior to your operations so they can learn?


Also, what limits were reached or those that you were close to?





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Looks like a nice slow and high approach. You compensated your forward airspeed for higher altitude in the event that an engine failure were to occur, you would have a little more altitude between you and the ground. Another method you could try in that area would be to make a shallow approach into ETL between the trees in order to minimize power usage (especially on high DA days), then conduct your slope landing. Though with 2 occupants and probably half tanks, that aircraft still have plenty of power in her.

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Yep. Sad, but necessary. Todays flight lesson: The fastest thing in any hangar, still doesnt compare to the speed of gossip.


so, I'm OUT.


Sad to hear Hammer, I really enjoyed your posts.


Hope you reconsidder, and stick around, there are tons of great people on here.


If you leave, you will be missed, your videos and posts have been great.



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Thats a shame that a video had to be removed because of gossip... I have a few videos that I would love to share, but cant because I'll have to listen to people....


Share them. Just label them "video" and put in there "dangerous activity may be viewed, Don't Try This At Home"

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People are silly, so worried about what everyone else is doing. They need to stop trying to regulate morality. If you don't like something, don't do it. Whats so hard about that?

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