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Canopy Slat


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Does anyone know what the purpose of the canopy slat on a 300CBi is?


If you are talking about the spoiler that is mounted above the top rear of the cockpit, All C's, CB's and CBi's have them. Since I have never dealt with a A or B model, I can not state, if they have one or not, however, I believe they do. What I have been told, the spoiler is there to modify the autorotation handling of the helicopter. I do not have my Jeppesen Helicopter Textbook right handy to confirm that. However, that is what I remember form initial training.

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I've heard that about the autorotation. On website, which I cannot verify the credibility of, said that it was to cut the airflow interference with the air moving through the main rotor in forward flight.


Another explanation had to do with air flowing into the cooling impeller.

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per the HMI...."The canopy slat modifies airflow over the cabin to improve pitch and yaw stability"


edit after reading the pprune link...


while the slat did improve some aspects of the auto entry... the army also modified the horizontal stabilizer that greatly improved the auto "nose tuck" tendency without degrading other properties of the flight envelope. I believe this mod was a greater influence on the tuck than the slat.



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