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What are some apps that are used for flying? Also, keep in mind that I'm in training right now, so test prep type stuff will help too! I look forward to hearing about some of the cool stuff out there!



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foreflight is pretty awesome

xwing is the other one gaining ground

lots of other smaller apps... I'd say those two are the main ones people are using.. I think there is a recent thread about this... alas, I never search those things.

I love foreflight.. but mostly use it in the airplane.

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I actually bought my I pad just for studying because books are super cheap and I love the portability. The far aim app is a great one as mentioned, also the aero dictionary. I have all my test preps on there along with my instrument handbook. Plus a lot of weather apps that tap into TAFS and metars. Oh and also sportys has some apps like the "plates"


If you need any info let me know!

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I use the following on the iPhone/iPad


Aeroweather is my daily user.

iBal is really good- excellent customer service and will work with you on getting your aircraft numbers and updates and configurations (well worth every dime).

Logten Pro (works great with the Mac software) Write my logbook entries in the A/C on shutdown and sync at home with the macbook pro via wifi every week.

Vela Clock for daylight/dark times civil twilight, moon info for flying NVGs & looking at future moon lighting & hours for mission planning.

FAA mobile website you can make a link to the iPhone/iPad & it makes a nice icon.

Flight Tracker Pro & Flight Board I use flight board to check the commercial arrival/departures at small airports that I operate that have commercial flights & flight tracker to track my commercial flights or family as they travel commercially.

iBOOKS- Get PDF copies of every manual! I have a section in iBooks of my Aircraft Operator's Manual, company documents such as preflight/flight checklists, SOPs, LOPs, ATMs, FTGs, Military Manuals, & FAA Manuals (for referencing when on the iPhone with the nice little search feature & studying when on the iPad).

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