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GCO Avbl on Freq 135.075 Thru Orf Clearance Delivery. 4 Clicks Orf, 5 Leesburg Radio (Click Slowly)

Read this when reading airport details about a local airfield. I am wondering if this is something that is used alot now or is it replaced with cell phone communication etc? Are there many airports with GCO?


GCO- Ground Communications Outlet

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Not quite sure totally what you are getting at.


Most remote communication outlets are located at airports the lay within the control space of another. Example - Destin Florida lies under the control of Eglin AFB and you must contact Eglin through the RCO to get permission to take off but Destin does not have a tower.


Also you can use the RCO to recieve IFR clearance when operating at an uncontrolled field that lies within the control of another airport instead of trying to take off VFR and pick it up in air while trying to remain VFR which would be very hard to do if it was 600/1.


Is that what you were getting at ? I don't think you'll find them installed just to install them or take them out of service just because of cell phones because there use is limited to specific airports without control towers that lie within the control space of another.

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Perhaps the point is that it's possible to call approach and get an IFR clearance via phone, with a void time. I've done that many times when it wasn't possible to contact them via radio because of distance. That's not their preferred method, though, and they always prefer radio if possible, because things can change quickly, and if they've given you a clearance with a void time, they have to keep the airspace clear for you until you are airborne and in radio contact, or until the void time, whichever happens first. Having the GCO/RCO available means they can keep everything working in real time, and they can cancel your clearance immediately if necessary, which makes their life easier. Telephone calls are always the last, and least preferred, way of talking to any ATC facility.

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