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1,001 ways to remember stuff


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I think a combination of everyone's learning experience may help others gain an insight they haven't seen before. So to start this off -

  1. UNOS - Undershoot North Overshoot South ( magnetic compass errors )
  2. Hot to cold, don't be bold ( altimeter errors ( altimeter higher than aircraft ))
  3. High to low, look out below ( altimeter errors )
  4. East is least, west is best ( magnetic compass errors )
  5. Don't exceed your WAT limit - Weight, Altitude Temperature
  6. Fly your aircraft all the way to the crash site
  7. Don't give up your altitude till you have the landing site assured

your turn.....


( PS - I was going for simplicity here, other threads like this had turned into long paragraph sized explanations, where as I'm trying to focus on short memory aids or sayings - please use bulleted lists and keep it short and sweet, thanks )

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Ha! great I've never heard those versions before, I think I like WEEO better then East is least...

  1. My House + Rob's Beer = My Beer :D ( MagHead +RelBrg = MagBrg ( for some reason I never forget this version ))
  2. True Virgins Make Dull Companions, Add Whiskey ( True + Variation = Magnetic & Magnetic + Deviation = Compass; Add West )
  3. GRABCARD - Generator, Radios, Attitude indicator, Ball, Clock, Adjustable altimeter, Rate of turn indicator, Directional gyro ( IFR required equipment )
  4. RAW FAT - Runway length, Alternates, Weather, Fuel requirements, Atc delays, Takeoff/landing distance ( pre-flight info )
  5. ABCDE - Airspeed, Best place to land, Checklist, Declare, Execute ( engine out )
  6. Keep the dirty side down

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Here I go :)


  1. 4 Hoes Dont Act C*nty No-More (way to remember the Beta II engine, 4 cylinders, horizontally opposed, direct dirve, carbureted, Normally aspirated)
  2. Total Man over Total Woman (total moment/total weight = arm)
  3. 3 Cessna 152's (VFR Cloud Clearences, 3 miles, 1000ft above, 500ft below, 2000ft horizontal)
  4. VDMONA (mag compass errors, variation, deviation, mag dip, oscillation, northerly turning errors, acceleration errors)
  5. ATOMATOFLAMES (VFR Day equipment requirements, Airspeed, tach, oil temp, mag compass, altimeter, temp(engine), oil pressure, fuel guage, landing gear pos light, anti-collision light, manifold pressure, elt, seatbelt/safety harness)
  6. WARMPC (special use airspace, warning, alert. restricted, MOA's, prohibited, controlled firing areas)

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This is the only one I use on a constant basis anymore. For instrument approach set up.


C compass and gyros


M issed approach


R adios and radials (tune, identify, align)

T ime (from FAF to MAP)

H eading (Final approach)

A ltitude (MDA or DA)


P re-landing checks and lights

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see martha pee hahaha ! those funny ones are always easiest to remember, i definitely like that better than 5 T's


total man over total woman is a good one also

  • SPED - Signature Place Error Date (requirements for VOR accuracy check)

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hahaha !! see martha pee, I should thought of that one!


Heres one I use when im studying FOI



CPR Dr. FAR-(Student Defense Mechanisms, Compensation, Projection, Rationalization, Denial, Rejection, Flight, Aggression, Resignation)

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