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How do my chances look for acceptance?

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Hi everyone,


I'm still a bit off from actually applying but was wondering if some of you who have been accepted could take a look and let me know if I'm the quality that they are looking for and if it would be worth applying. I still have about a year and a half left to finish college and haven't taken the AFAST yet.


-GT (when I took it right out of high school): 117

-Max PT scores

-Prior Service: 3.5 years, Army Airborne Scout (19D) SGT with a 14 month deployment to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne.

-Rotary PPL completed in ~1 month at 40.5 hours. Now with ~60 hours flight time (300CBi).

-Will have a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism. Current GPA 3.5.

-Licensed Skydiving Instructor (~250 jumps)

-Open Water Scuba Diver

-Interned at the White House in Washington

-Experience traveling in ~20 countries

-Accomplished rock climber/canyoneer guide


I was also wondering if a letter of recommendation from my flight instructor (also a 20+ year retired Army rotary pilot during Vietnam) would work in place of an active WO since I don't have any personal relationships with any currently. Last question is if the letters of recommendation need to be written near the date of packet submission or if I can start reaching out for them now?


Thanks in advance for all of the help.

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So far so good. Finish up that college education strong, and study for the AFAST. You are well rounded, and I would say quite competitive.


Reach out for LOR's, but they need to be fairly current when you submit them.

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