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Night Building time

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If you already have the TT for an ATP, that plus your light turbine experience, could get you hired in Vegas, where they do a lot of night tours over the Strip?


Or, you could just find a local school and rent at night. That's how I built up all of my night hours.


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Since you said you are “rated” in light and medium turbines in addition to the R22/H300, I’ll assume you are not from the US as there is no “rating” requirement to operate these aircraft (other than a type rating requirement for the medium, if needed).


With this assumption in mind, you’ll simply need to hook up with a flight school and pay to build up some night time. Having said that, pursuing an additional rating is the most cost effective way to build night time. Ever consider a fixed wing rating?

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Hello everybody..


I looking to build some night time to get ATP requeriments. Rated in Some light and medium turbine helicopters and R22/h300.


Can anybody to help me???


Thanks in advance...



Some good ideas above, but you haven’t given much information to help reply to your problem.


How many more night hours do you need?


Do you hold a CFI rating?


Are you fix-wing rated?


Are you currently employed as a pilot?


Are you financially able to buy the time needed or are you looking to get it done on a dime?


Do you need the ATP within the next few months or are you just planning ahead and able to spread it out over the next one or two years?




The requirement calls for 100 hours night; however, only 15 hours of which need to be in a helicopter.

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