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Eurocopter User Group


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Hi all!


Is there anyone lurking out there on the forums in the southern Nevada area that might be interested in founding a "User Group" for Eurocopter products?


Ill explain a little. My previous career was in IT, and software user groups were very common. Basically it was a monthly informal get together to discuss tips and tricks and "best practice".


The vision for this group would be a once a month get together, open to anyone, to discuss safety, systems, quirks, etc. Each month, there could be a semi-formal topic presented by one of the members, followed by discussion and exchange of ideas.


If anyone has any interest, let me know!

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I'd definitely be interested in such a group. Anything we can do to continue to learn keeps us all moving in the right direction. Although the commercial world continues to teach me new perspecive - I'll never be as sharp on systems, EP's, and general aviation knowledge as the day I left my little 2 seat spam can behind..


^see you both at work~

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Sounds like there is some interest in this. Since I am on the FAA Safety Team I have access to meeting rooms at KHND and KVGT and maybe able to get room at a KLAS FBO. Meeting rooms are free of course.

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