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Hi, I'm new to the helicopter world, but have been involved with the design of IFR procedures for commercial aircraft for a few years now. Those are normally paid for by an airline, but could be by an airport or a regulator to improve access to their facility.


As I learn more about the HEMS industry, I see recommendations to improve safety through better equipment and training, and IFR is often mentioned in context of those. I don't hear a lot of talk about who designs HEMS IFR procedures or who pays for them.


I could see a HEMS company being interested, because it would improve their ability to get patients into hospitals in IMC conditions, but I can also see hospitals being interested as it would increase the number of patients who come in, as compared to a neighboring hospital who does not utilize IFR procedures.


If anyone can help explain this to me, i would greatly appreciate it.



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There are companies out there who set up gps approaches into hospitals. One approach is in the neighborhood of 20.000$ and then you have to re-certify it every 580days or something like that. You are right,having gps approaches into hospitals is beneficial for the patient an vender/hospital. But to be able to fly IFR in IMC you need to have twin engine helicopters. The operating costs are higher compared to a single engine helicopter plus your pilots need more training and re-currency training which will add more money to your total cost. Because of that, most HEMS programs are VFR singe engine only. Therefore you can offer ems services for cheaper and be more competitive price wise.


I am sure that hems accidents will decreased a lot if every HEMS outfit flys IFR twins....but you will never see that happening.


these approaches are either paid by the hospital who wants the gps approach or the 135 certificate holder

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