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All of y'all who said BWS was a relaxing break after Instruments are.....

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Freaking Liars.


I breezed through instruments and made a 95 on my Checkride. Then BWS comes around.


14 hour days with route planning. Tons of ridiculous acronyms. Course is really only 3 weeks long. Instructors expect everything memorized in like a week. Oh, and I fly like 20 actual minutes a day.


Plus side? No doors and I like the 58C.


Thank god I only have 2 weeks left then its selection time.

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Still like the 58D? Im number one in my section right now, and should be number one in the class right now. Although I might lose a couple slots after my PT test :lol:


Anyway, my point is that I should be able to choose what I want. Its between the 58 and the Apache.

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Just keep in mind that the 64 and 58 are long courses and you will be here that much longer. If you let that negative mentality set in, it will be that much more painful. Keep the golden rule "don’t complain unless you have a solution" in mind. The B co situation has not changed in decades and it can’t for reasons echelons higher than reality. I am getting paid to be a flight student, flying the most bad ass attach helicopter in the world, not even B co can de motivate me. Just my 2 cents.



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I would have done dirty, dirty things for a 14 hour day a few weeks ago. Up at 4, flight line 5 until ~12, class at 1300 to 1600, Daily questions, plus studying, plus preparing questions and a flow for a checkride... Let's just say it was pretty awful for a bit. I never felt as under pressure during flight school. (To be fair, I think for IPC, it's AQC condensed into a few weeks, and they expect you to already know everything.)


It gets better though. ProTip: if you can, frontload your academics. It makes for a MUCH shorter day once you hit the flightline. My goodness, how it helps...

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I have to agree that the first week of BWS was the toughest of all my flight school experience. If you're an LT type I certainly hope you're at the top of the OML. I'll never forget my selection day. It was the most anti climactic thing I had seen in my life. Seriously. More than anything else I'd experienced in my 29 years. Months and months of people debating with themselves and others about what mission/airframe they want and then... They started with the commissioned guys and it went like this: they flip around a little white board with each airframe written on it in a column and hash marks for each slot next to it.

OH-58D l

UH-47 0

AH-64D l

UH-60 lllllllllllllll


They started at the top of the OML

The first guy chose the Apache and the second guy chose the Kiowa. They didn't even read the rest of the list. "ok, rest of you get 60s" It was epic. One of those moments when you could here the air go out of the room.


The warrant side wasn't so bad. I was middle of my class and got the 4th of 7 apache slots. In the long run everybody (pretty much) enjoys the mission they end up with even if it wasn't their first choice.

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