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Flight Manual Supplement for 269C Cargo Racks


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The part numbers on the maintenance release form are 269A4887-1 which is the same number listed in my POH under optional equipment. However it is stamped "obsolete" in the POH and there isn't a supplement.


Schweizer discontinued that Baggage Rack kit (269A4887-1); however, the supplement document (CSP-C-1E) is still available (P/N M 39005069) for those who have the kit installed. Call Schweizer (607) 378-6247. Their 2010 price listed that document (9 page doc) at $7.00.


Other companies made similar racks. The old Schweizer rack (Columbia Helicopters P/N 4747-1/-2) was good for 100 lb. max loading. Two racks, one per side, max 60 lbs per rack. The STC was assigned to Precision Helicopters.


STC Number: SH7WE - Certificate issued to: Precision Helicopters Inc


Parts Manufacturer Approval - Cargo Rack


Download a pdf copy:

Schweizer Supplement for 269C -Utility Baggage Rack.pdf



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