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SIFT Test replacing AFAST in FY12

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FYI. I know the Army's been pushing hard for a while to replace the AFAST. The new test called "Selection Instrument for Flight Training" (SIFT) has been in development for over 5 years and I've heard from a few high ranking Rucker guys that it will be in use before the end of FY2012. So if you've already studied hard to ace the AFAST, hurry up and get your application in. If you're not planning on applying for another year or later start looking into the new test. It includes pieces of the Navy's existing Aviator Selection Test Battery, which you can find plenty of books to study from, but also includes new tests which you won't be able to find existing study material for. You can get an idea of what the test will be like by searching Google though. Here's an extremely technical analysis I found that I think contains some useful insight: http://www.hqda.army.mil/ari/pdf/TR1195.pdf

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I didn't read all of that, literally just skimmed through it, but I found this little passage interesting:



As noted, the current Army pilot selection battery, the AFAST, includes a helicopter knowledge subtest. The helicopter knowledge subtest scores of all candidates who graduated from the Army’s Initial Entry Rotary Wing (IERW) training course between January 1988 and February 1993 were collected. Analyses of these data were conducted separately for Warrant Officers (N = 1,052) and Commissioned Officers (N = 605). Within each group, scores on the helicopter knowledge subtest ranged from zero to the maximum score of 20. The mean scores were 12.61 (SD = 3.97) and 11.26 (SD = 4.08) for Warrant Officers and Commissioned Officers respectively.




So, even BEFORE flight training, warrants have on average more helicopter knowledge...

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