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Time Between Being Accepted and WOCS?

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Hey guys,

I've done some searching but was unable to find the answer I'm looking for.

I've just started putting my packet together for an AD WOFT slot. So far I've got the flight medical done and am taking the AFAST next week. I was planning on getting everything done and ready around January or February and applying. My problem is, I'm getting married in October and the fiance won't budge on the date. I'm trying to figure out if I should go ahead and apply in Jan/Feb, or wait closer til October. After being accepted to they assign you the next WOCS date, or can you pick a date depending on availability? I'd hate to be selected then have to turn down the slot due to not being able to leave before October.

Thanks for any help. This board has been wealth of info so far.


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What akscott60 said.


A few of my buddies got married after they graduated WOCS for many of the reasons you've brought up. Once you're in the Army flight training pipeline, there's no such thing as flexibility. As soon as you put your packet in, you're going to have to be flexible.


How does your fiance feel about the military?

It's something you should seriously discuss since it takes a great deal of resiliency and flexibility to live the military lifestyle.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Sound like I better wait til around Sept/Oct before putting my packet in. Just more time to get some better scores/LOR's.

I'm currently a medic in the ARNG. I joined before we started dating, and have been gone for close to a third of the time we've been together, so the military lifestyle isn't new to us. Luckily she's extremely supportive and handles it well.

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