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Information about being a coast guard reserves helicopter pilot

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I have some questions about the coast guard that hopefully can be answered here. Particularly, I was interested in the coast guard reserves helicopter pilots. How does one get a position like this?


From my understanding you are able to have a full time civilian job while flying sparringly for the guard. This sounds ideal for my situation which is why i'd like more information. If I'm wrong on this understanding please correct me.


Thank you,



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i am active duty on the enlisted side, and i HIGHLY doubt that flying helicopters in the uscg is a part time job. as a matter of fact i am 99% positive that our pilots are all active duty LTJG, LT, or LTCMD's. I could be wrong but im pretty sure that im not and that reserve officers pretty much just push paper behind desks. Talk to a recruiter for specifics.


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