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Ok, so I've been reading other peoples posts on here about Army WOFT and the eligibility requirements, etc., to get involved with this program. I have been talking to recruiters about aviation from all branches of the military, and have decided that Army aviation is definitely something that I am going to try for! I have a few concerns however regarding my juvenile history, and hopefully someone on this forum can shed some light on it.


My background:


23 yrs. old, 5'11 & 176lbs

High school graduate, 3.0 GPA

College Graduate, 3.15 GPA, 3.76 in Aviation

Bachelors of Science in Aviation


AMEL rated

350 hrs total fixed wing time, no helo time

60 hrs dual given

Mock Army fitness test: 260

Letters of recommendation from:

- a retired army chaplain (army officer)

- a retired army helo pilot

- a retired USAF B-52 Navigator

- Chief flight Instructor of College (Part 141)

- Retired Delta airlines captain

ASVAB score of 76, GT of 118--taken in High school, will retake.

AFAST not yet completed (studying in progress)


And for the juvenile part...


When I was 16 me and my buddy's decided to drive golf carts around in the middle of the night on a golf course. We ended up getting busted and charged with criminal trespassing, criminal damaging, and curfew violations...all misdemeanors. I have since followed these incidents up and have gotten them expunged from my juvenile record. My recruiter does know about them. I also have 1 speeding ticket as an adult :/


Any help as to whether or not these incidents coupled with my "resume" will hinder my ability to be a WOCS/WOFT candidate would be greatly appreciated!

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