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iPad Kneeboard recommendations


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My instructor has one that is basically the same size as the iPad. I plan on getting one also and using the Foreflight App instead of a fold out sectional. Unfortunately it's just a large tablet - it's going to be a bit intrusive one way or another, especially in an R-22 or R-44.

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I use this ipad leg strap. Works great: http://www.sportys.com/PilotShop/product/16151


I strap it on my left leg when I'm flying my R44. I'm thinking it would be nicer mounted somewhere else though so I bought the RAM suction cup mount as well and stuck it onto the lower right part of the windscreen so the ipad is right beside my factory pilot side console.


I have yet to flight with it like this yet, but I've left everything mounted for the past few days to test the suction strength and it's as strong as it was a few days ago.

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Check out the iPad Sport and the Sport Mount - Suction Cup from MyGoFlight.com. With this solution you can use the iPad in a protective case for every day use, use the case as a kneeboard with the elastic/velcro strap and can mount it off the bubble with a suction cup mount. A lot of versatility and being used by many helicopter pilots.



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I know this is not what you are looking for, but I strongly recommend having the good old paper charts and plates handy. I personally know about two ipads which stopped working during a flight last year.


Yes, the iPads aren't really flight hardened. There are some EFB's that are however.

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