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Ground school tapes?

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Hello, I was just wondering... Does anyone know of any audio style ground school courses I could look into? I am driving over-the-road to save money, and would love to be able to put a CD in to listen to while I drive that may help me learn as much as I can. I can book study every now and then, but a lot of times I am very busy and of course my day consist of driving. I would prefer it be helicopter specific, but I am willing to look into anything.



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I have found I can download the PDF version and then through the acrobat reader it does an ok job of reading the text aloud for you.

Here is a how to site http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/acrobat/articles/acr6araccessibility.html


You can download all FAA books at http://mountainridgeheli.com/Current-Students/Resources/ click on link on right side that says FAA Handbooks


There are some other sites out there that you can buy that will read PDF's for you too. I have not tried any of those.


Good Luck and enjoy the studying!



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Dauntless Aviation offers Test prep software for the written and checkride oral exam prep on PC and MP3 for download. All there test banks are offered with helicopter specific questions. You can listen to it on your iPod or burn it to a CD. I used it for PVT thru CFII and it works very well.



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