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help a prospective pilot


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hey guys,

im currently a junior pursuing a degree in Health and Physical Education. The job outlook is terrible and with the economy im a bit nervous....


i have been contemplating a few careers to go for if i decide to get out of Health and PE....A helicopter Pilot is at the top of my list...If i chose being a pilot as my career, id like to have a career that would still allow me to be a good dad and husband. I dont want to be away for weeks or miss my kids first steps etc etc etc...i have looked into EMS, agricultural spraying and tours for the most part...


Please give me some info on the things below to make my decision easier


-job outlook


-family time

-vacation/sick time


-best place to get trained in PA (i live in the Poconos, so the closer the better)


any other info that you wish to share is appreciated



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I hate to break this to you, but you'd probably have a better shot at finding a job in Health and PE, than as a Helicopter Pilot,...however, that doesn't seem to stop anyone from trying.


That being said, flying tours always seemed, to me, to be a good, stable, home every night, job. Back when Maverick used to post ads for the Grand Canyon, they would boast medical/dental/salery plus flight pay/sick pay/401k, starting around 30-40k with the possibility of around 60k after 5 years. Of course they wanted a minimum of 1200hrs (200-500hrs turbine).


If you want to try AG, they say to get your CDL (class A ,or B ) with hazmat and tanker endorsements, then get on as ground personnel. After a couple of seasons they may let you start flying?


My advice though, would be to get a degree in something marketable, maybe computers?, then pursue flying on the side, so that you have a way to support yourself while looking for work as a pilot (and while building up to that 1000-1500hr range you'll need to get a "somewhat" liveable wage job as one)!


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If you can afford to spend up to $100K in training, can live out of your car, be ready to take a job across the country within 24hrs, and be willing to work for $1.82 per hour, I'd say go for it because it is a lot of fun.

The job prospect sucks right now for any industry in this economy. Please don't drink the Kool-aid about "Hope and Change" being right around the corner. I agree with Butters, stay on course with your current situation, as that will probably be more beneficial to you in the immediate future.

Down the road you may re-examine!

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