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Woft packet

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-Selected 3/12/12- Sign contract thursday


I just joined this forum even though I have followed topics on here since May 2011 when I started the WOFT packet. This process is still not finished but I have my interview scheduled for Tuesday January 31st. I would like to get some feedback on what to expect at the board interview.


I would also like to know how competitive my packet will be if I make it through the interview.


Here is some information regarding my packet

  • 23 year old male
  • 300 pft score
  • 109 afast
  • 128 gt
  • Bachelor of Science degree from IU with 2.9 gpa

Letters of recommendation

  1. 160th Regiment Warrant CW5
  2. National Guard pilot CW4
  3. Retired Army pilot CW4
  4. Wrestling Coach
  5. School Board President from my old High School

Any feedback is appreciated.

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This is directly from the Warrant officer recruiting website. Only if it has changed in the past few weeks.



  • Any MOS may apply.

  • Be at least 18, but not have reached their 33rd birthday at the convening of the selection board.

    • "Waivers will be considered for applicants with exceptional qualifications and only on a case by case basis"

    Score 90 or higher on the Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test (AFAST)

    [*]Successfully pass a Class 1 (warrant officer candidate) Flying Duty Medical Examination (FDME) IAW AR 40-501 that has been approved by the Commander, U.S. Army Aeromedical Center.

    [*]It is recommended, but not required, that applicants have a letter of recommendation from an Army Aviator in the rank of CW3 to CW5 or Major and above. If the unit commander or above is a field grade aviator, the aviator interview may be part of the commander's endorsement. In this case, the commander's endorsement must contain the same statement required for the aviator interview. Use a memorandum format and start with the statement I have interviewed (your name) and find (he/she) has the needed personal characteristics, motivation, physical stamina, and qualifications to be appointed a U.S. Army Reserve warrant officer and appears acceptable for selection into the WOFT program as a warrant officer candidate. Applicants from other military services may be interviewed by a field grade aviator from their branch of service if an Army aviator is not readily available. Army aviators will conduct the interviews whenever possible.

    [*]Acceptance to Warrant Officer Flight Training (153A) will require attendance and successful completion of:

    • The U.S. Army Aviation Center Survival Escape Resistance and Evasion (SERE-C) course.

    • Helicopter Ditching and Dunker trainer.


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If it comes from the USAREC website then it applies to active duty only. The questions I got in the interview were lobbed up so I could stroke it out of the park. They wont ask you anything unexpected or off the wall. Your well qualified but character is everything. Be Army...especially if you get interviewed by a SGM 1SG or some infantry soldiers. I think you know more than you are letting on considering you have letters from more people than I know and Im in an AVN unit in the 101 CAB. Let your instincts guide you...good luck.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. I shadowed some pilots before my flight physical and got some insight on how to approach the essay and interview. I believe the board will only consist of officers, but dont quote me on that. The board is tomorrow so if all goes well I get the go in march.

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