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Helicopter Seminar @ Northwest Aviation Conference & Tradeshow on Feb. 25th


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Saturday, February 25 | 9:15 am - 12:45 pm


9:15 am | Heritage Room

Helicopter Accidents, Incidents, Violations and Noise Issues

(9:15 am – 10:15 am)


Roy Hardie, FAA, NW Mountain Region, Helicopter Operations Inspector. Mr. Hardie has extensive experience in general aviation, military aviation and is the FAA Principal Operations Inspector for several commercial helicopter businesses in our region.


Mr. Hardie will present a variety of subjects including some “helicopter situations we can all learn from” to current concerns and suggestions from our regional FAA Inspectors for helicopter pilots and operators within the NW Mountain Region. A question and answer period will follow. Roy has an incredible knowledge base in helicopter & other regulations that will be of interest to all helicopter students, pilots & operators.


10:30 am, Part I | Heritage


11:45 am, Part II | Heritage


Helicopter High Altitude & Mountain Operations (10:30 am – 12:45pm)

Jan Rustad is without doubt the most internationally renowned authority on advance helicopter high altitude & mountain operations. He is a 39 year veteran with Canadian Helicopters Group Inc., has over 15,000 hours training in advanced helicopter ops (zero accidents) and is a CFI, pilot examiner & the chief instructor for Canadian Helicopters (largest helicopter operator in Canada) with bases throughout Canada, New Zealand & Afghanistan. Canadian Helicopters sets the gold standard for helicopter training in High Altitude & Mountain Ops and have trained over 14,000 pilots since 1951. Currently they train between 300 and 400 pilots each year in advanced ops and Mr. Rustad is the manager and chief instructor for such programs.

In his talk he will focus on techniques and procedures that are critical to successful helicopter operations in difficult mountain environments. He will cover the best way to plan your approach & landings as well as takeoff & departure planning. What to do & not to do and the correct way to make such operations work safely and effectively. These techniques represent essential knowledge whether you fly smaller piston helicopters or large turbine aircraft and will be useful for students, instructors and highly seasoned helicopter pilots.

A color instructional handout & summary will be provided to attendees by Canadian Helicopters, Inc.

A question and answer period will follow.


The cost is $5 for a weekend ticket to the Northwest Aviation Conference & Tradeshow



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I have attended three of Jan's Mountain flying presentations. If possible, every pilot in the area should take advantage of his knowledge and information on true mountain flying, recces, wind, performance considerations and approaches.


The handout is worth attending for an intro to mountain flying.


Canadian has my EC120 in their school in Penticton, BC.


Take advantage All!



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Would this be a good seminar to attend for up-and-coming pilots who are beginning their networking? Or is this one more for the local pilots flying in the area and mechanics? I saw that a lot of the booths are Seattle and nearby airport and FSDO personel as well as parts/services companies.

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Thanks for posting this - I just registered.


I got confirmation for registering for the 2010 conference. Hopefully they'll let me in...



Ha Ha Ha......

I am sure you get in just fine :)

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