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First flight in the 58 today.

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f*cking cool. That being said, SCAS is the devil haha. That is one smooth flying machine. I wish someone told me the controls were 3x more sensitive than the 58AC before I flew today though. I would have looked less like an a**hole. Haha.

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Yeah, you have the quick reaction but also SCAS doing a lot of work for you. What ends up happening is you make what you think are the correct inputs, but really are overcontrolling the aircraft. It takes a couple flights to get used to only moving cycling when you want to change something, especially if you tended to "stir the pot" in the TH-67 or A/C.


It's basically a lot of the aircraft wiggling around. Did that not happen to you guys in the 60s?

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Not so much that I noticed it, no. I was never a pot stirrer, anyway. I never heard of that "technique" until later in my career. My "first" flight was in the sim, and doing a traffic pattern, I discovered that you didn't roll into the turn, neutralize the cyclic, and then roll out of the turn pretty darn quick. :lol: other than that, it seemed a pretty smooth transition.


Boost/AFCS off (auto flight control system) was another matter....


I'll let you know in a few weeks if it's a common student tendency.

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